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There’s a reason why more and more Australian businesses are turning to solar every single year. With longer, drier seasons now a reality – taking advantage of the abundant sunlight above our heads simply adds up. Solar has come a long way in the past couple of years, and with the right system installed by the right provider – your business could be producing and running off its own energy with no upkeep required on your part. G-Store has been installing solar systems since 2007, and we’ve got a long, proud demonstrated history of helping Victorians slash their bills and do their bit for the environment at the same time. Our internal team of experienced and accredited consultants and designers believes in one thing above all others: a quality system means quality savings. We only stock world-renowned brands like LG, Tesla and Enphase, because we want to make sure every single G-Store solar system is generating savings from day one.

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Why take your business solar?

Feel the savings:

The right solar system can save you money from day one. By getting your business away from the grid and producing its own power, you'll feel the benefits of producing solar power immediately.

Reduce your overheads:

Running a business and maintaining physical premises is challenging enough without worrying about the impact of keeping key systems running around the clock. With a quality solar system, you can reduce a key overhead by running your business of its own steam.

Do your bit:

Drought, climate change and the environment are all hot topics at the moment. Let your customers know that you're helping green up Australia's act, and get ahead of the competition.

Who are we?

G-Store has been a specialist in the energy management sector since 2007. Born out of our sister store Gottlieb’s, an institution of Melbourne’s building supplies network since the 1960s, G-Store was established to help Victorians climate-proof their homes and businesses. In the 13 years since, we’ve gone from strength-to-strength. Whilst our head office remains in Melbourne, we now have a strong presence in the Gippsland region – including a physical shopfront in Warragul.

In the 13 years since we started operating, our solar team has grown into a comprehensive group of industry experts who can handle your project from the design phase through to installation, with a group of post-install specialists to monitor your system and ensure it’s running at peak yield. Our product specialists, accredited designers, qualified installers, experienced connections manager and dedicated admin and monitoring team members work seamlessly to make sure your installation and subsequent system maintenance are as hassle-free as possible.

Unlike other solar companies, G-Store is committed to providing total energy solutions to our clients. Our retail team are experts on all things hot water, heating & cooling, and water storage – meaning you can achieve maximum savings and heavily minimise your environmental impact.

G-Store is a Clean Energy Council Approved Solar Retailer.

Speak with one of our Solar Specialists on 1300 302 315
…or visit us at one of our Victorian offices in Melbourne or Gippsland

Our Brands

In a stacked market like solar, quality always wins out. We’ve got great relationships with some of the world’s best solar manufacturers – including LG, Tesla and Enphase – and our team is committed to the ethos that a high-quality system is the only way to go. Talk to our team today to talk all things LG NeOn, Tesla Powerwall and Enphase Microinverters. You can learn more about our range of brands and products here (anchor hyperlink to ‘our quality brands’ in main solar page).

Trusted & Accredited

Financing and payback options

Interested in paying for your solar system in instalments? We can arrange a number of flexible payment options with financial partners to take the sting out of your initial investment and allow you to pay your system back with the money you’re actively saving.

Let's talk batteries

It’ll be another long, hot summer this year – and energy providers are already warning Victorians about the possibility of blackouts. Blackouts are the enemy of productivity in 2020 and an absolute nightmare for every kind of business. At best, you’re in the office and aware of it. At worst, it happens off-peak and your critical systems fail with nobody around to salvage the situation.

Solar batteries are only going to become more popular over the next few years, and that’s because they offer unique peace of mind that your business will remain operational whatever the weather and whatever is happening on the grid.

Batteries also allow you to spread sunlight long into the night. Not every business only operates during daylight hours, and proactive management is the key to keeping things running around the clock. If you have staff arriving in the wee hours and leaving before nightfall, simply store the power they didn’t use the night before and use it to fuel your operation before dawn.

When you begin your solar journey with G-Store, you’ll be assigned a solar specialist from our team to organise a site visit and a free quote. You can rest assured that the advice you’re receiving is from someone in the know, and every single quote is obligation free.

Your own Solar Specialist