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Solar battery storage

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Solar batteries help you save

Solar batteries really are beginning to enjoy their time in the sun, and there’s never been a better time to consider battery storage for your home. The market is now populated with great brands like LG and Tesla: all of whom offer powerful solutions that will serve you well, day and night, and save you money on your utilities.

Solar panels are a great start to saving money on your bills and reducing your carbon footprint, but the biggest worry people have with them is that their peak performance is weather reliant. Installing a battery removes this obstacle and helps push your home even further towards genuine energy independence. The Victorian and South Australian governments are busy creating battery farms to divest from coal power, with the Victorian government announcing a solar battery rebate for homes as they look to make solar our #1 energy choice. It’s pretty clear the direction the sun is shining: the time to consider a solar battery is now.

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Is a solar battery right for my home or business?

We pride ourselves on providing direct advice at G-Store, and the truth is that solar batteries are often not the right technology for home and business owners. As with a solar system, a big way of measuring the success of a solar battery install is how much the customer saves on their utility bills. For small homes and small businesses, the power your solar PV generates will generally be more than enough to cover the majority of your general power needs. For larger homes and big businesses, a solar battery could be a brilliant financial investment.

If you have lights, systems and servers that are running around the clock, your solar PV system’s daylight generation will not be enough to cover your needs. A solar battery could be a great way to move away from the grid, with your 24/7 power needs likely still leaving you with massive utility bills, despite your solar system. Another great reason to consider a solar battery system is the impact that drawing power from the grid during off-peak hours can have on the environment. If you’re conscious of your home or business’ impact on the environment, installing a battery is the perfect way to keep your lights on guilt-free.