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It's time to say goodbye to inflated power bills. Talk to the G-Store team about our range of premium solar power systems today, and begin the journey to energy independence.

We make going solar simple.

Join more than 2 million Australian homes that have slashed their power bills by installing solar.

At G-Store, we make going solar simple. We've got an expert in-house solar team that will look after you from first contact all the way through to authorising, installing and monitoring your system for years to come. Our dedicated solar specialists will help you choose the best system to suit your needs and make sure you're maximising the potential of your solar system and saving as much as you can every month.

G-Store is a trusted local business with more than 12 years of industry experience, and we only supply the very best products backed by long warranties from the world's leading manufacturers.

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  • Slash your bills and become energy independent.
  • Superior components and far longer warranties.
  • ​12+ years of industry experience
  • Ongoing monitoring by our solar experts.
  • Longer lifespan and greater return on your investment.
  • Trusted and accredited by the Clean Energy Council

LG Solar Panels

The best in the business

At G-Store, we're proud to be an official LG Platinum Authorised Energy Specialist. We're privileged to be one of the few companies in Australia that carry this badge, and we've got it because we're huge believers in quality solar. Solar is an industry designed to help people save money on their bills and cut their environmental impact, and you just can't do that with inferior panels.

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Click here to view an ABC report on why cheap solar is bad for your wallet, and bad for the environment.

Solar Options

Daytime solar power

Maximise your roof space with LG solar panels in 2020. Higher wattage + less panels = maximised roof space

LG Neon Black

LG NeON 2 Black 330W panels with Enphase Microinverters

The world's leading high-output LG solar panels with a premium solid black finish and black anodised frames - ideal for the style-conscious solar home. Each panel is installed with its own Enphase Microinverter which dramatically increases system performance.

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LG Premium Performance

LG NeON 2 350W panels with Enphase Microinverters

The world's leading high-output LG solar panels in high-performance finish for maximum efficiency and output. Each panel is installed with its own Enphase Microinverter which dramatically increases system performance.

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Increased 25 year product warranty for NeON 2. Starting Immediately

LG has so far distributed close to 750,000 panels in Australia and the warranty returns have been very, very few. We therefore feel confident, starting immediately, to give all LG NeON 2 - V5 models, both the 325Black and 345, a Product Warranty of 25 years. This will also apply for our 72 cell range.

Compare Solar Systems

Inferior Tier One panels with single string inverter LG Premium Style with Microinverters LG Premium Performance with Microinverters
Estimated additional output per square meter 0% 15%-20% 20%-30%+*
Back-to-base monitored
Battery storage ready
Expected lifespan 10-15 years 25 years+ 25 years+
Superior installation warranty 12 years 12 years
Panel warranty 10 years 25 years 25 years
Inverter warranty 5-10 years 10 years 10 years
Performance @ 25 years 80.7% 90.08% 90.08%
Transfer inverter warranty with sale of your home - add value to your sale!

Panel Comparison

World-leading solar panels
Panels can be oriented multiple ways
Better low-light panel performance
Better high-temperature performance

Inverter Comparison

Class-leading inverter
15%-30% greater panel output*
Better low-light system performance
Leading inverter in the US residential market
Future-proof - add additional higher-wattage panels
Expandable system - up to 600 panels
Safer system with no high-voltage DC
Smarter system with automatic software updates from Enphase

Our Superior Components

With a G-Store solar system, superior components and longer warranties mean greater peace of mind – and more free solar energy to use in your home.

LG NeON 2 & LG NeON 2 Black Panels

G-Store is an authorised reseller of the world-leading LG NeON 2 solar panels. These superior panels incorporate more advanced technology than many inferior Tier One models - resulting in higher power output, greater durability and longer warranties - as well as a replacement guarantee on delivery and installation. This means piece of mind for you and a better return on your investment. What's more, the superior build quality of the NeON 2 means a more attractive panel on your roof.

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Enphase Microinverters & Enlighten Software

Standard single string inverters mean that a solar system will only operate according to the output of the lowest performing panel in the chain. This means that if one panel is shaded, damaged or malfunctioning, the efficiency of the entire system is compromised.

That's why at G-Store we choose to use the most advanced inverter technology on the market - the Enphase Microinverters. With microinverters, each panel operates individually at its maximum possible efficiency, resulting in greater overall system performance and more free solar energy to use in your home. Enphase Microinverters also come with an industry-leading warranty of 10 years. They're also future-proofed, with the ability to add additional panels that are higher wattage - expandable up to a staggering 600 panels!

Coupled with the Enphase Envoy and Enlighten software, a microinverter system is highly intelligent yet incredibly simple to use, and is a better, more reliable long-term investment.

Download Enphase iQ7 Brochure

Enphase Microinverters

Why settle for second best?

Like any utility in your home, it's important to make sure you're keeping an eye on the performance of your solar PV system. Solar is an investment that you've made in your family's future, and it's critical that your panels are performing as well as possible at all times. Whilst LG panels are as reliable as you can get, Victoria's wild, seasonal weather has a mind of its own. Whilst your G-Store Solar expert will work with you to make sure your panels are positioned for maximum yield at the time of installation, you need to be sure that your system is always working towards peak performance. Each panel you install will come with an Enphase microinverter, whether that's 10 or 100, and each one has a single, but very important job: to keep its panel producing as much power as possible.

Like solar panels themselves, there are good inverters and bad inverters on the market - and quality is quality. We trust Enphase Microinverters because they're proven to produce great results - and we're very proud to be listed as an Enphase Premium Installer.

Even better, with a G-Store Solar PV system - we'll monitor your Enphase system for you! Our solar team will keep an eye on each of your Microinverters for you, and they'll quickly be in touch with you if they spot anything unusual going on. Let us take care of the watching your solar system, so you can spend your time watching your utility bills plummet.

Wondering how an Enphase system works? - watch the video and learn more!

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How much can you save by going Solar?

Going solar can cost less than you think and can slash your power bills by 50% to 95%, saving you thousands of dollars each year. From the savings made on your power bills, a typical solar system without battery storage can pay for itself in around 5 years*.

An affordable, good quality solar system without battery storage can cut your average monthly power bills by around 50%. For even greater savings, install a small solar battery to cut your bills by around 75%-85%. If you want to go even further, install a quality solar and battery system and be up to 95%+ energy independent. G-Store can design a system to suit your specific needs and budget and ensure maximum return on your investment.

Join the energy revolution today and say goodbye to crazy power bills - forever!

* According to the LG calculator

Solar Power in Gippsland

G-Store Warragul opened in 2018, and our dedicated team is committed to servicing the Gippsland area with quality solar systems. The needs of Gippsland residents are different from those of inner-Melbournians, and our Warragul team is local to the area and passionate about helping the region harness the year-round sunshine to become more energy-efficient. For example, Gippsland properties tend to be bigger and more exposed than those in Melbourne, meaning your panels may be positioned differently for maximum yield due to sun-exposure than those in urban areas.

Our Warragul team know the needs of the area like only locals can, and are here to help you begin the journey to energy independence. Take a look at the video below to hear from Shannon, one of our solar team members in Gippsland, about G-Store, our connection and commitment to Warragul, and why Gippsland residents should choose to install a higher quality solar system.

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Want to learn more about Solar?

Download the free Beginners Guide To Solar e-book from G-Store and LG. This guide is an excellent resource for anyone considering a solar system and will give you an overview of key considerations including: the benefits of installing solar, key components of a solar system, installation, incentives and government rebates, as well as tips on choosing a trustworthy solar installer and avoiding poor quality solar equipment.

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Designed a system to meet our energy usage, 4 panels East, 10 panels West. Took the time to answer all my questions (there were lots) in person, email and phone. The installation was booked for 7 business days from deposit, and switched on 11 days after the install after an external inspection. The install...

Maribyrnong, VIC

We came across G-Store Solar through SolarQuotes and it was the fourth company we chose to obtain a quote for our residential home solar system. G-Store came highly recommended on SolarQuotes and in addition to being a Clean Energy Council approved solar retailer, G-Store Solar are also a LG Platinum...


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